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The Satechi Spectrum Mouse Wired Optical Mouse is the optimal mouse for working, gaming, studying, browsing, creating, and more. This sleek and modern mouse provides 7 different colors of LED illumination to customize your workspace. The ultra-smooth surface of this mouse ensures a comfortable grip all day and the chrome finish looks great on any workspace. 7 LED Colors. When switched to the On position, the bright LEDs cycle through blue, yellow, violet, turquoise, white, red, and green. To illuminate a single color, switch to the Lock position when the desired color is achieved. The LEDs can be turned off by switching to the Off position. Customize to your Style. Using the switch on the bottom of the Spectrum Mouse, you can easily select between a cycle of different LED colors, or lock in a single color to match your workspace. Or, if you want to simply use the Mouse's mirror finish, you can turn the LEDs off.

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