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iScale :: iPhone Look Alike Pocket Scale. Keeping your scale hidden is a hard task. Most pocket scales are large and have the obvious appearance of a scale. Not this bad boy! This scale has been modeled after the ever so popular iPhone, so at first glance nobody would ever suspect it to be a scale. The scale is the same size, color scheme and weight of an actual iPhone so even if the user picks it wouldn't raise any major suspicion. Take the face plate cover off and you reveal a premium quality 500g x .1g jewelry scale. The scale has a back lit LCD display, comprehensive on/off, tare, PCS, & unit controls so you can makes the most out of your new scale. A super sensitive stainless steel weighing area is the most accurate to date with accurate results up to .01 grams. This scale weights in 4 units of weight measurement including Grams (g), Onces (oz), Troy Onces (ozt) for measuring gold & Penny Weight (dwt) used for measuring Silver. The iScale has a load capacity of 500g. The protectiv

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