2004-2005 Buick Rendezvous Starter Quality-Built Buick Starter 6497S - Reviews

QUALITY-BUILT PREMIUM STARTER REMANUFACTURED 12 V 11 teeth clockwise rotation PMGR design; Replaces OE Delco unit; Re-engineered from inside-out to exacting standards for unsurpassed reliability; Constructed with the extensive remanufacturing process that includes total core disassembly extensive component replacement and stringent three-phase testing that ensures to deliver performance that can be depended on; Features a returned core starter that is thoroughly stripped down to base components and durable parts are cleaned machined and tested to precise standards; Offers new components including brushes bushings springs and contacts; Assembled with re-claimed durable parts and tested again to ensure proper function; Lubricated with aerospace-grade grease to ensure long-life under grueling conditionsComes with a complimentary 24-fs-7 Quality-Built -openp-QB-closep- Roadside Assistance Program -openp-RAP-closep- whic

Part Numbers: MPA6497S

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